Uber to provide driver with millions of face masks

Uber Technologies Inc is intending shipping millions of face masks to its active people attached to its service around the world in its efforts to help their selves protected from novel coronavirus, announced the company on Thursday. People working in the fields like active drivers and food delivery people will be getting those face masks provided by Uber.

Gus Fuldner, Uber’s vice president of safety and insurance, in blog post shared the plan of ride-hailing firm of shipping about half a million of face masks to drivers active in the cities of the United States that are badly stricken by the virus outbreak.

The masks so provided will initially be sourced from a Chinese company involved in an electronics manufacturing business but is currently producing ear-loop masks. But due to long term nature of the commitment Uber will be placing orders for face masks all over the world, said a spokesman.

The very first shipment of those masks was sent to drivers in New York City for having highest number people in the United States suffered from coronavirus, said Uber.

The company placed orders for tens of millions of more masks and expecting them to reach other cities around the world in few weeks, as the supplies are limited with healthcare sector at its top most priority, the blog post said.

Uber said that demand of ride-hailing services though hurt to a complete pause in most parts of the United States, but restaurant food deliveries have been seen to be rising significantly during the pandemic as most of the Americans have been facing some sort of lockdown.

Uber is approaching nontraditional supply chain to source out masks and is donating N95 medical grade masks to local hospitals which were stored in its offices.

In order to stop the spread of virus, the U.S. government recommended the Americans to voluntarily cover their faces with cloth coverings.