Dish collaborating with Mavenir for building its 5G Network

Dish Network Corp is in collaborations with mobile network software provider Mavenir to build its 5G networks, the company said on Thursday, a move ahead by the company which promised to compete with the big three U.S. telecommunications players by building a next-generation wire-less network of its own by 2023.

The deal with Texas-based Mavenir will help the company with low-cost solutions to construct its network with less reliance on radio base stations and cell towers, Dish said in its statement.

Raising a 5G network from very initial level using open-source technology will benefit Dish providing low-cost alternative sources and will not be forcing it to work with a single vendor for having no other option available due to infrastructure and technology barriers.  The flexibility to work with multiple vendors will also be reducing costs for the satellite TV and internet provider as it will increase competition among them, as hoping Dish.

The legacy wireless carriers do not have the freedom of working with multiple vendors but to rely on one or two vendors like Nokia or Ericsson. Changing the vendor or working with multiple vendors will cost the network provider to bear extra or heavy costs as their existing infrastructure is not compatible with solutions provided new or every other vendor.

Dish was originally not in favor of merger deal between T-Mobile US Inc and Sprint Corp, but afterward it succeeded to make a deal with Department of Justice for extending the deadline to deploy its network to take charge of the No. 4 wireless provider in the United States.

The original deadline by Federal Communications Commission to Dish was March 2020 to complete its 5G network deployment, which the company first started building in 2017. The deadline was then extended to June 2023 as Sprint has to sell some of its network assets to Dish to get a go ahead from regulators to merge with T-Mobile.