Hisense Europe in plans of cutting 2,200 jobs

The Chinese-owned group Hisense Europe is going to lay off about 2,200 jobs in Europe till end of this year as coronavirus pandemic hardly hit the demand of household products by the appliance maker, the company said on Thursday.

The Slovenia-based company said in March company saw a year on year fall of about one third in its order which further shrunk to nearly two third in April and in May and June these orders are expected to remain a quarter of the normal orders in those months.

According to a TV Slovenija report, citing a trade unionist, the management set its lay off plan in a meeting attended by one of the executive directors Chao Liu, Hisense’s production manager Tomaž Korošec, officials from recruitment unit and representatives of the trade union, works council and Drago Bahun, who is the employees’ representative at company’s board.

Currently Hinsense is employing about 9,309 people in Europe, out of which 5,580 are working with the company in Slovenia while remaining are attached with company mostly in Czech Republic and Serbia.

Hisense is intending cutting 1,000 jobs in Slovenia including 700 job cuts at its production facility in Velenje and 300 lay off at its headquarter in Ljubljana, while it will be laying off roughly 1,200 employees in the other countries.

The company which previously was in believes of making profits, has forecasted a profit of 1.1 million euro ($1.2 million) in the first half of this year but is now seeing itself to be bearing loss not less than several tens of millions of euros.

The company will be reducing staff from all of its units, through offering its employees with options of voluntary retirement and redundancy and will also be outsourcing some of its works to reduce costs, Hisense Europe said in a statement.