Major U.S. carriers committed not to cancel service through June

The two largest U.S. telecommunications companies AT&T Inc and Verizon Communication Inc joining cable giant Comcast Corp this week shared extending of their commitment of not terminating services or charging any late fee to pandemic-hit customers through June 30.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC), in March, unveiled that major U.S. internet and wireless providers have made a decision of not canceling their subscription services for a period of 60 days. AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile Inc, Comcast and Google Fiber of Alphabet Inc were among those who made commitment at the time. And that figure has risen to above 700 companies who decided to be the part of those voluntary commitments.

The wireless and internet providers also agreed to make their Wi-Fi hotspot available in case of any requirement arises to do so by anyone, FCC said at the time. To that commitment, in last week, a group of 24 state attorneys general asked them to extend the period of opening Wi-Fi hotspots till August 11.

Cox Communication also joined the others on Monday announcing June 30 as an extended date to that voluntary commitments of not canceling service or charging late fee and opening of its Cox Wi-Fi spots.

In addition to extending its voluntary commitment through June 30, Comcast also announced to make its data plan unlimited to all of its customers without charging them extra costs.

Other key providers of wireless and internet services in the United States are expected to be joining the others by extending their commitment through June too to pass through the end of academic year of school in the country at a time when more than 50 million children are at home with most of them attending schools virtually.

Some tens of millions of people are also working from home during stay-at-home guidelines to stop the spread of virus putting an immense pressure on the internet usage, for which FCC and internet firms said that it is working fine.