Israeli Corsight AI raised $5 million in recent funding round

Israeli real-time facial recognition developer Corsight AI this week raised $5 million in funding round led by Awz Ventures, a Canada’s intelligence and security technology-focused fund.

The company will be using amount so raised to market and continue developing its real-time facial biometrics platform which has developed technology that can recognize faces partially covered with masks, plastic shield and goggles.

In March, Hanwang Technology Co Ltd, a Chinese research and development firm which also develops applications for intelligent interaction related software and hardware products, announced that it has developed technology that can serve the purpose of recognizing mask-wearing people, as many people used to cover their faces with masks because of the coronavirus.

The Tel Aviv-based Corsight said that its facial recognition system is capable of processing information captured on video cameras and can deal with issues of recognizing people arising out of virus outbreak when larger parts of the populations around the world are traveling with their faces partially covered.

Launched in late 2019 by an autonomous artificial intelligence technology development form Cortica Group, Corsight recently unveiled that its facial recognition technology is capable of identifying people in crowded areas and can deal with facial masks, coverings, long-distance identification, difficult angels and poor lightings, which can be used in healthcare application.

The system can issue alerts about people violating quarantine guidelines by going in public with their faces covered with masks, or the technology can quickly generate a report of people who might have came near or in contact with an individual later on found infected, said Corsight AI said in a statement.

The technology, by sifting through the people, can highlight people with their details like time and distance who unknowingly came near to infected person, a solution that replaces the need of shutting whole department or organization down as it is difficult to know who came near and who kept distance from infected person, the company said.