France likely to start testing its virus tracing app next week

France is set to start testing phase of “StopCOVID”, an app to track infected people with government at the back of it, in the week starting May 11 when the government would also be starting relaxing lockdown orders in the country, as said a government minister on Sunday.

The app, presented by minister for Digital Affairs Cedric O who is also closer to President Emmanuel Macron being member of his inner circle, in country’s efforts of stop the spread of coronavirus by eliminating the need of authorities to do tests large number of people.

The app is not supposed to do any magic, but it is also not a mere technological stunt as it will be beneficial once connected with a global health system, wrote O, on an online publishing platform Medium.

Countries around the world are stepping up in development of apps which can evaluate the chance of one infected person to become the reason of infecting other people, helping them to stop such infected people from spreading the disease to rest of the population.

Considering approach of collecting location based data of infected people being adopted by some Asian countries as breaching user’s privacy, many European countries has opted to use the short-range Bluetooth “handshakes” between nearby devices as a best solution to stop the virus from spreading and France is also going with the same.

But that solution also raised questions about recording the data so collected. Experts in different countries are divided on whether logging that data on individual devices or on a centralized server. Many are seeing the way of logging the contacts details on a central server being best solution that would be more useful to contact tracing teams that are calling to or knocking on doors to warn or trace people who might become infected by unknowingly coming nearer to infected person.