U.S. workers protested against grocery giants on May Day

Amazon.com Inc, Instacart Inc and Target Corp came across a protests and sick-outs on Friday when some of their workers gathered asking their employers for paying them better salaries and provide appropriate workplace safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers of the protests told in their interviews and social media posts that workers came to the streets in U.S. states including New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania among others. Workers United and the United Food and Commercial Workers were included in the labor unions and groups who took part in those protests, while inviting workers from all over the country to join the protest by calling their selves in sick.

Observing it as a holiday for worker classes, people around the globe celebrate May 1 as International Worker’s Day or May Day.

The Friday protests have been seen as crucial by workers in presence of pandemic during which they have been facing great danger of getting infected while working in grocery stores and warehouses. The workers protested arguing that their employers remained failed in providing them protection from the virus while making record breaking sales.

The protestors also demanded the employers to pay hazard allowances as well as medical coverings if a worker becomes virus-infected. The workers at Instacart and Target were also demanding providing them with safety equipments like masks at work places.

Number of participants in those protests was not known but the organizers said that they were counting the same by collecting the signatures of the workers who took part in the protest through Google Docs.

In its statement, the e-commerce giant Amazon, while responding to the protests said that though workers are righteous in expressing their concerns but false claims and misinformation spread by the labor groups against the company are the actions that are objectionable. Amazon did not notice its operation significantly impacted by the protest on Friday, the company added.