Google travel data show lockdowns in U.S. are relaxing

Google’s latest data unveiled that number of people attending offices and visiting parks in April rose in the United States and Australia as the number of people becoming infected by the novel coronavirus stop rising while that in countries like Japan, Singapore and Brazil lowered as more people sheltered at places as number of virus-infected people remained increasing during that period.

The latest weekly update about travelling pattern issued by Google by aggregating data collected from phones of its users highlighted that increasing violations of lockdown guidelines in March came lessened in last month as more people remained following lockdown orders.

The data shared by the Alphabet Inc unit on Thursday was compiled by gathering daily traffic to retail outlets, grocery stores, parks, bus stations, trains, offices and recreational venues between periods of five weeks from January 3 to February 6.

Japanese government on April 7 declared the state of emergency issuing lockdown order to keep the people remains at their homes. Google noticed a more than 50% decline in traffic to sites in Tokyo after declaration of emergency orders and that level remain at that level through last weekend while confirmed case in the city reduced after reaching to a peak of 201 cases reported on April 17, according to a Tokyo’s daily newspaper.

Singapore though remained successful in controlling spread of the virus in country by adopting meticulous surveillance and contact tracking systems but issued lockdown orders on April 7 after finding rising number of confirmed cases in dormitories of migrant workers.

In the nation-state number of parks and retails visits declined to 70% in the last week of April compared to about 20% in the first week of the month, while number of those people who attended their offices were 25% in first week of the month dropped about 70% till the final week.