Quotient Technology Inc. (QUOT): A Stock You Need To Watch Today

Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE:QUOT) closed the previous session at $10.53, down by -0.33 or -3.04% lower on its price over the last trading period. Shares of the company have traded -4.92% down in the last 5 days, with the price reaching as high as $11.07 since 11/18/19. The stock however has recovered +1.84% since hitting 5-day low of $10.34. The QUOT stock is -5.05% lower than the $11.09 top value it marked over a period of month. Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE:QUOT) has a 52-week price range of $6.92- $12.88. The stock is -1.40% down year-to-date. Can QUOT go on to record further gains or will the drop below $10.86 be witnessed again in coming days?

In comparison, let’s see recent movement of other stocks the recent users of Yahoo Finance’s stock information-accessing system have also looked at before they searched Quotient Technology Inc. (QUOT). Shares of News Corporation (NASDAQ:NWSA) changed -$0.01 or a drop of -0.08% to close at $12.88, while the stock of New Media Investment Group Inc. (NYSE:NEWM) dropped nearly -0.63% in the last session to close at price of $6.28. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) lost -$7.25 in value, or -0.55% to see deals exchanging hands at $1312.59 in the last period. Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) gained $1.92 or about 0.97 to see its shares trade at $199.32.

The total number of analysts who have rated QUOT as a buy is 5, with just 0 of 7 recommending it as a Sell. 7 analysts of the 1 rated it as underweight; while 1 advised Hold and a further 0 say the stock is Overweight.

Lets us now look at some key statistics for the company and see what they tell us about its books. Quotient Technology Inc. has a market valuation of $923.27 million, with its Enterprise Value at $899.17 million. The enterprise value (EV) is -2.68% off Quotient Technology Inc.’s market cap. Shares traded in the last session stood at 700078 while the average trading volume is 552.73K. Insiders own 7.10% of the shares institutions own 74.50% as outstanding shares currently stand at 87.68 million. When we look at the 20-day simple moving average, QUOT is 11.47%, while that moves to 22.72% over its 50-day SMA and the SMA200 is 10.50%.

When we look at the consensus estimate for QUOT shares, we find that Wall Street analysts have given the average target price of $12.67. The earnings estimate for the current quarter is -0.12, lower than the -0.11 expected for the next quarter. The stock has earnings per share estimate ranging between a low of -0.15 and a high of -0.11, with the coefficient variance at -14.66. For this fiscal year, the estimate climbs to 5.00 versus the 5.00 expected for the next year. QUOT has current-year EPS range between a low of -0.45 and a high of -0.41, with the coefficient variance at -4.24.

The company’s trailing 12-month price-to-sales ratio is 2.17. In terms of profitability, the company has a profit margin of -7.50% and a trailing 12-month (ttm) operating margin of -6.00%. The company’s gross margin is 40.60%. QUOT is one of the hottest stocks right now and that shows in its potential upside on returns with a -5.20% ROA for the last 12 months and a return on equity (ROE) of -9.70% over the same period.

For the fiscal quarter ending 12/30/2018, Quotient Technology Inc. had revenue of $109.69M. The earnings per share for the most recent quarter were 0.03. The EPS for the recent quarter missed consensus estimates by -$0.03 per share after analysts had predicted $0.06. EPS posted in 1 out of the last 4 quarters have beaten analysts’ estimates.

The investor community is excited about the QUOT stock, with the Barchart 40% Buy showing that the stock could be headed for a massive uptrend. The stock’s 1-month chart already shows that the stock is 30.00% up and 39.47% higher in the last 3 months. Its 12-month performance is showing the stock trending lower by -16.16%. There might be a slight pullback as $10.81 is the first resistance point and if crossed $11.10 should come in play as the second resistance level. QUOT could see support around 10.34 and will later test the 10.16 support.