The Streaming TV services market is not saturated yet

A new consumer survey revealed that craze of people to stream TV and films is still increasing. The survey conducted by U.S. data and measurement firm Nielsen suggested that consumers still wanted the new content to be coming from the different providers.

Despite increasing number of streaming services in the market, about 93% of the consumers are willing to pay for other providers or would remain stick to their current services provider, found Nielsen in a survey to compile its latest Total Audience Report.

The report’s implication that consumers will remain attached with the streaming services, would be encouraging for the technology and media investors. For a while, investors feared streaming services market for having little room for new services in presence of too many players.  

Audience in the United States in 2019 was available with over 646,000 different programs to choose from. And those were available across both traditional broadcast TV as well as streaming services platforms. The number of content available in last year was about 10% more than that was available to the audience in 2018, revealed the survey statistics.

Out of all that available contents on the traditional and digital platforms, nearly 9% of the programming was only available on the digital ones like Netflix, Apple TV+, CBS All Access or Disney+.

The audience of ages between 18 and 34 are counted to be as young audience and that adult audience especially loves watching contents of streaming platforms. Nielsen found that 96% of young adults surveyed were subscribed to at least one paid streaming video service while overall figure for that is 91%.

About 33% of the all respondents and nearly 50% of the young adults were paid subscribers of three or more paid services. And most of them were willing to subscribe one or more of the services, which implies that there is an ample opportunity for more of the new entrants.